Drupal Camp


October 26,2013@ SZABIST,DUBAI

Accepted Sessions

Huge Web Applications tend to get a bit slower and Drupal is no exception if a Drupal Site is really huge...This session will be a practical demo of how to make Drupal Sites faster using certain performance tips and tricks.

We will sum up our day's sessions with a real website of a Computer Networks Training Academy in UAE i.e www.ccna.aeand it will be made availabe for the world to see during the session.This website will have the ability of online registrations for the courses as well.. A session not to miss

Bilal Ahmed ,a seasoned Drupal Developer and SEO Expert is going to present about SEO in Drupal. He will speak about all the magical aspects of SEO in Drupal like his session at Drupal Camp Islamabad organized by IKONAMI.

In this session, we will be building a powerful online admissions system for a fictitious university..Forty minutes of Gorgeous Drupal skills and a poweful Online Admission system for your university

Name the most famous of all Job sites in Pakistan and Drupal will let you build its clone in less than an hour.In this session we will be using different building blocks of Drupal to build a stunning online job portal

Rules is an exceptional Drupal module used to carry out activities on a Drupal site which would otherwise require tons of custom Programming.

Panels is of the Wonders of Drupal. Developers coming from other platforms literally are speechless to see Panels in Action. Panels is an intelligent layout builder for Drupal. A must watch for camp's attendees

Views is arguably the only module which differentiates Drupal from all other competitors.There will hardly be any Drupal websites where views haven't been used.In this session,I will be giving many Views recipes used in almost any Drupal Website, a Must attend session for all those wishing to know how powerful Drupal can be via views

Drupal is an amazing CMS but at time we are never aware of how powerful it can be if it is used as a CMF. This session will provide a basic introduction to how custom modules can be built in Drupal and how can Drupal be used as a Content Management Framework. This session is geared towards experienced php developers.

There are a lot of Drupal Learning Resources on the Internet in the form of Blogs,Videos,Books etc. In this session we will go through a list of free and commercial Drupal Training resources. We will try to cover books on Drupal as well.A must for all new Drupal Learners